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Beretta Optima-Choke Ported Extended 12ga

Product ID: E621


These chokes are for 12 gauge shotguns only. This new competition choke fits Optimachoke Competition 12 gauge shotgun barrels. Features carefully designed ports to counteract the perceived feel of recoil. The tube length extends 25 mm past the muzzle to provide easy installation and removal without specific tools. Each choke tube is color coded with a durable metal alloy band for quick identification of the constriction during competition.

Please ensure compatibility before purchasing or using any choke to avoid barrel failure and injuries.

***Please note that the constriction cut off for factory made choke tubes with steel shot is a Modified constriction, factory made choke tubes with a constriction tighter than Modified such as Improved Modified and Full are not suitable for use with steel shot.

Additionally, rifled or sabot slugs should not be used in a factory made choke tube with a constriction tighter than Improved Cylinder.***

Optima Choke OC 12 ga can fit all shotguns with OC barrels in 12 ga, such as:  682 Gold Sporting 682 Gold Skeet, 682 Gold Trap, 682 Gold E Sporting 682 Gold E Skeet, 682 Gold E Trap, DT10 Sporting, DT10 Skeet, DT10 Trap, UGB25Xcel Sporting, UGB25Xcel Skeet, UGB25Xcel Trap, 686 E Sporting, 686 E Skeet, 686 E Trap, AL391 Urika Sporting, 687EELL Diamond Pigeon Sporting, 686 Silver Pigeon Sporting, 686 E Black Sporting, 686 Onyx Sporting and related replacement barrels in 12 ga

How Can I Identify My Choke Tubes?

Where can I find the constrictions or dimensions on my Beretta choke tubes?

Which Choke Tube Should I Use?


Can I use Steel Shot with my Beretta Choke Tubes?

We suggest that – when using Steel Shot – you only use choke tubes marked with the SP(Steel Proof) identification on the side and that you use the most open choke system possible – i.e. Cylinder / Improved Cylinder / or Modified.

We DO NOT recommend use of Steel Shot in the X-tra Full Turkey / Full / or Improved Modified choke tube.

As with any shotgun, always be sure to check your choke tubes during use to verify that they are tight in the barrel. Loose choke tubes can cause barrel damage.