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Benelli Armi S.p.A. was formed in 1967, based on an idea from the Benelli brothers in 1940, who were convinced that the future of hunting shotguns lay with semi-automatic models. Today, Benelli offers the world’s largest selection of semi-automatic and over-under shotguns as well as semi-automatic rifles. Every Benelli firearm delivers cutting-edge innovation in design, technology and manufacturing. No matter your sport, Benelli’s got your gun, and it’s simply perfect.


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Maxime Asselin Testimonial Wide

After 15 years of hunting in all conceivable conditions, it is now the firearm of confidence I give to our guests who travel from far away to hunt the Greater Snow Goose.


- Maxime Asselin
I started hunting waterfowl with an original H & K Benelli Super Black Eagle on the St. Lawrence River mud flats, a particularly inhospitable place for a semi-automatic shotgun. Thousands of rounds later, my Black Eagle was still like a brand new one. Over the years I switched to the SBE2 and SBE3, with always the same irreproachable result. No other firearm equals the reliability and simplicity of the Benelli SBE family

“I saw my first Benelli when I started outfitting in 1994. After a quarter century of full time waterfowl outfitting, I’ve handled my fair share of shotguns. I can say this – the Benelli Super Black Eagle is the only shot gun I’ll hand to a client at my lodge. I know they’ll fire every time they’re pointed at a bird under any and all conditions.”Hired To Hunt Logo Final 2

- Claudio Ongaro
Claudio Ongaro is an accomplished outfitter, outdoorsman and writer. He has been an outfitter since 1994 and is considered by many in the industry as an authority on hunting waterfowl, he never rests on his laurels and continually comes up with better techniques by which to hunt them. In 2011 Cabela’s selected Claudio as their second ever Canadian Pro Staff and just this year, Claudio was named a Cabela’s Ambassador, a designation only a very select group of outdoorsmen have accomplished. Another of Claudio’s accolades was being awarded the prestigious WISE Industry Conservation Award; this award is given to an outstanding ambassador in the outfitting industry who demonstrates passion and commitment to wildlife and the cause of conservation. His most recent project is hosting Claudio Ongaro’s Hired to Hunt, which airs on Wild TV. It features some of the best waterfowl hunting in North America. Claudio and his dedicated guides take viewers on an adventure each and every episode in an effort to entertain, inform and educate. His enthusiasm and passion for the outdoor lifestyle shines through in his seminars, personal appearances and all that he does.