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Beretta Optima Choke HP Extended 12ga – “DLC Model”

Product ID: E6D0


Optimachoke HP choke tube (20mm extended) with special DLC coating that provides better performance thanks to reduced friction, as well as increasing resistance to climatic conditions.

They are supplied with the protective case, and second-generation packaging which includes all the most relevant information on the front.


The DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) coating is a hydrocarbon coating that can be generated through plasma deposition technique. Among the main features we find a reduction in the friction coefficient, greater wear resistance and an increase in hardness due to the rigidity of the created film.


WARNING:  Use of the Optima HP choke tube in an Optima firearm (without the HP designation) can cause severe damage to the choke tube and barrel when the shotgun is fired.  Only use Optima HP choke tubes in these Optima HP shotguns: SV10 Perennia, SV10 Prevail, A400 Family of shotguns, 690, 692, 694, DT-11 and 1301 Comp Pro.

***Please note that the constriction cut off for factory made choke tubes with steel shot is a Modified constriction, factory made choke tubes with a constriction tighter than Modified such as Improved Modified and Full are not suitable for use with steel shot.

Additionally, rifled or sabot slugs should not be used in a factory made choke tube with a constriction tighter than Improved Cylinder.***

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