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Beretta 92/96 Xtreme-S Trigger Group

Product ID: E02568


Add the performance of the new 92X Performance to your Beretta 92 series pistols. The new Xtreme-S Short Reset Fire Control, specifically designed to provide the most optimum trigger feel and weight during competition use thanks to a special DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon) coating on critical components and an included replacement spring kit (with lightweight hammer spring) to ensure optimal operation during competition.  The short reset, combined with a special coating on the critical fire control components will yield faster splits and significantly improved trigger feel and weight.

The kit contains:

  •     92X Performance Trigger with checkering for optimal grip
  •     Skeletonized Hammer with DLC Coating
  •     Sear with DLC Coating
  •     Trigger Bar with short reset
  •     Light Weight Hammer Spring
  •     Trigger Bar Spring
  •     Sear Spring
  •     Trigger Return Spring
  •     Hammer Spring Cap Roll-pin

Will fit: All 92F or newer handguns (ex. 92 – 96 – 98 – 92A1 – 96A1 – 98A1, M9A1 – M9A3) except Type M models

Warning: The kit is recommended for sports use only. Installation must be performed by a qualified gunsmith.


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