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ZAMBERLAN – 5020 EXTINGUISHER – Size 10 & 13 only

Product ID: 5020PM1M


The Extinguisher is remarkably lightweight, fire-resistant, and comfortable.

Double and triple stitching in key flex areas, suede leather over the ankles, and the use of a new Kevlar-reinforced fire-resistant lace are just some key features that add durability and longevity.

Features include:

▪Vibram Tsavo fire-resistant outsoles are made with Vibram’s premium rubber compound.

▪ Outsoles are applied with fire-resistant cement and are also side stitched to eliminate the possibility of sole delamination.

▪ Outsole treads are rugged and built for a variety of mountain terrain

▪ 8″ boot height

▪ Zamberlan Hydrobloc Perwanger split-grain leather uppers are naturally fire-resistant.

▪ Kevlar-reinforced, fire-resistant laces on top of additional stitch patterns throughout the boot contribute to reduce the probability of boot failure.

▪ The Zamberlan Flex 4mm midsole, made of polypropylene, is the same as used in our backpacking collection granting the correct level of stiffness to allow for maximum performance when carrying heavy loads and operating on the mountain. However, the boot does flex and does so to be comfortable to the wearer

▪ The boots are lined with a polyester mesh fabric to allow for maximum breathability in hot environments

▪ This product is not generally resolable due to the side-stitching sole application system but can be rebuilt by a specialized cobbler

▪ Made in Italy