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MAR 2022
March 9, 2022 - NEWS


(Italy, July 25th, 2022) Beretta Holding successfully completed the acquisition of RUAG Ammotec. Effective July 31st, 2022, Beretta Holding S.A. successfully completed the acquisition of 100% of the shares of the Swiss state-owned RUAG Ammotec Group, after RUAG International and Beretta Holding signed a binding agreement four months ago.

The acquisition will add 16 companies in 12 different countries and 2,700 people to Beretta Holding Group, one of the oldest family-owned businesses in the world, with a prestigious heritage of almost 500 years of experience in the industry. “After this successful transaction, our Group will have more than 6,000 people, 50+ subsidiaries and reach a turnover of around €1.5 billion. This is a very special moment for my Family, Beretta Holding and our whole Group” Pietro Gussalli Beretta, President/CEO of Beretta Holding, stated. With the integration of RUAG Ammotec Group, Beretta Holding – headquartered in Europe – strengthens its position as one of the leading global players in the industry for hunting, shooting, outdoor, defense and law enforcement. As a result of the acquisition, Beretta Holding will have the most complete offering of premium products which includes small arms, ammunition, optics, clothing, accessories, and electro-optics. Several high-end brands like RWS, Norma, Geco, and Rottweil will be added to Beretta Holding’s existing portfolio of premium brands. Luxembourg, July 29th, 2022.

Today, we are pleased to announce the growth of Beretta Holding’s Group with the acquisition of RUAG Ammotec. Details of the distribution impact to Canada and Canadian retailers are still pending.


(Italy, March 9th, 2022) Beretta Holding signs a binding agreement to acquire RUAG Ammotec. Beretta Holding is pleased to announce that it has signed a binding agreement to acquire 100% of RUAG Ammotec – the leading European provider for small caliber ammunition manufacturing and distribution, owner of prestigious brands such as RWS, Norma, Rottweil, Geco.

Pietro Gussalli Beretta, President and CEO of Beretta Holding, stated: “This is a very special moment in the history of our Group. We warmly welcome the more than 2,700 employees of RUAG Ammotec to our Group having worked almost three years on this project”. During this time, we have clearly recognized that RUAG Ammotec is a very good cultural fit with our group and a strong, competent, and experienced management is in place. This will tremendously help to integrate RUAG Ammotec into our group.

As Pietro Gussalli Beretta also pointed out, there is an excellent strategic fit between RUAG Ammotec and the Beretta Holding Companies. “We have the firearms and the optics, RUAG Ammotec has the ammo, there is almost no overlap”. Also, in the field of R & D and distribution, we will see strong synergies – especially in the long run that is for our group always most important. Having RUAG Ammotec within Beretta Holding Group will also strengthen our European business and further increase our global footprint. “This new addition to our group will add a substantial number of high-end brands to our existing portfolio of premium brands”, Pietro Gussalli Beretta said.

With this acquisition, Beretta Holding Group will grow to over 6,000 people. Turnover will reach close to 1.5 billion Euro. At the same time, we are adding five manufacturing sites and a total of 16 new companies in 12 different countries. After this acquisition, Beretta Holding will have 50+ subsidiaries all over the world. Under our ownership, Ruag Ammotec is still fully committed to delivering high-quality ammunition to the Bundeswehr and the Swiss Army. As requested by the Swiss Government, Beretta Holding will fully support and maintain the existing locations.

Beretta Holding and RUAG International started to apply for mandatory governmental approvals. It is expected that Beretta Holding will take full ownership of RUAG Ammotec within the next six months. No terms and conditions of the transaction are disclosed. Beretta Holding would like to thank our financial advisors, BNP and Mediobanca. Pietro Gussalli Beretta said: “We have been very pleased by the deep understanding, full dedication, and high professionality of Mediobanca, always so close to worldwide operating traditional family-owned businesses”.


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