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JUN 2021
June 18, 2021 - NEWS

Super Black Eagle 3 – 3 inch 28/20/12 Gauge

New 2022 – SBE 3 in 28 Gauge! Visit your local dealer for more information.

Legendary Benelli Super Black Eagle 3 Continues to Dominate the Skies with Addition of 20-Gauge and 3-Inch 12-Gauge Shotguns. “For three decades, the Super Black Eagle platform has dominated the semi-auto waterfowl market as a 3.5” 12-gauge shotgun,” said Tim Joseph, VP of Brand Marketing for Benelli USA. “We’ve applied all of the Super Black Eagle 3 enhanced updates and ergonomics to 3” 20-gauge and 3” 12-gauge models for 2021. We know the 20-gauge in particular will be a welcome addition for hunters who want the feature sets of a SBE3 but prefer a lighter gauge as well as for waterfowlers who are hunting areas that mandate the use of sub-gauge shotguns.”

The Benelli Super Black Eagle 3 boasts dozens of features and enhancements that improve the way the shotgun looks, feels and performs. At the heart of the SBE3 is the ultra-reliable inertia-driven action, which is centered around an Easy-Locking Bolt System – an enhanced breech-closing system that eliminates the possibility for a shooter-induced stoppage when trying to softly close the bolt or when the shotgun is treated roughly in the blind. And because hardcore waterfowl hunters don’t stay out of the field in frigid weather, the new SBE3 is designed for easier operation with gloved and/or cold hands. The oversized bolt handle, oversized bolt release, oversized safety and redesigned magazine cap along with the enlarged load port make for easier operation in cold conditions.

The Easy Fitting System of the SBE3 includes a shim kit that allows for up to eight different cast-and-drop configurations. The stock and forend design and rounded trigger give the SBE3 a smoother feel and make the shotgun easier to shoulder and swing on passing targets.

The design of the Super Black Eagle 3 reduces felt recoil with its third generation ComforTech 3 stock and Combtech cheek pad. The SBE3’s inertia-driven system is easier to clean and requires less maintenance than the action of a conventional, gas-operated semi-auto.

The new 3-inch SBE3 shotguns are available in Black synthetic and Realtree MAX-5, camo pattern in both the 12-gauge and 20-gauge chamberings.


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