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JAN 1970
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Uberti Série Outlaw

9034G13 Uberti 1851 Navy Wild Bill Right

Wild Bill: 1851 Navy Conversion

Hands down, James Butler “Wild Bill” Hickok is the prototype Old West gunfighter, who displayed his deadly shooting skills with a pair of muzzleloading, ivory-gripped revolvers. This exact replica from Uberti USA is more practically chambered for the easily-available .38 special cartridge, while still offering all the romance and flavour of Wild Bill’s legendary sidearms. Wild Bill has a blue steel, case-hardened finish with a simulated ivory grip.

411G52 Uberti 1873 Cattleman Bonney Right

Bonney: 1873 Single Action Cattleman New Model, Blued, Case-Hardened Frame

In spite of his young age, William “Billy the Kid” Bonney was one of the most notorious gunfighters in the Wild West, his life ending in 1881 at the receiving end of Sheriff Pat Garrett’s .44. Uberti USA recreates the lines of one of the revolvers he used, making it possible for modern shooters to relive the thrill of those long-gone New Mexico days. Bonney has a blue steel, case-hardened finish with an imitation buffalo-horn grip.

513L32G16 Uberti 1873 Cattleman Dalton Right

NEW! Dalton: 1873 Single Action Cattleman New Model, Blued, Case-Hardened Frame

This beautifully-engraved revolver was owned by Bob Dalton from the notorious Dalton gang. The gang’s long list of sprees came to an end in Coffeyville, KS, in 1892 in the course of an attempted bank robbery. A group of armed townspeople was able to engage the gang in a shootout and kill a number of its members including Bob. Today, Uberti recreates in the most minute details the revolver that was recovered from Bob’s body on that ill-fated October day—talk about a piece of Old West history!

410N00349 Uberti 1873 Cattleman Doc Right

Doc: 1873 Single Action Cattleman New Model, Full Nickel-Plated Steel

Doc Holliday is one of the most beloved dandy-gamblers in American lore, who often doubled as a lawman on the side of his friend Wyatt Earp. This revolver follows the lines of Doc’s Lightning revolver but is available in the more reliable 1873 action and the powerful .45 Colt cartridge. Doc has a full nickel-plated steel finish with a pearl-style grip.

411B14309 Uberti 1873 Cattleman Jesse Right

Jesse: 1873 Single Action Cattleman New Model, Fully Blued Steel Frame, B/S and T/G

The legend of Jesse James as the Robin Hood of the Old West endures to this day, to the point that ballads have been written in his memory. As a fierce outlaw, he owned a whole panoply of revolvers, so picking one as “his gun” would be all but impossible. We have opted for his 1873 Colt, which we have complemented with a stern all-black finish and bison-horn grip—the ultimate Western antihero’s revolver!

513N00L07G13 Uberti 1873 Cattleman Teddy Right

NEW! Teddy: 1873 Single Action Cattleman New Model, Full Nickel-Plated Steel

Rancher, police commissioner, hunter, conservationist, Assistant Secretary of the Navy, cavalry colonel and, of course, the 26th President of the United States: Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt. Faithfully replicating the engraving on his beloved ivory-handled Colt, this revolver honours a larger-than-life figure to whom we all owe the enduring natural beauty of our nation.

850C09G09 Uberti 1873 No3 Hardin Right

NEW! Hardin: 1875 No. 3 2nd Model, Top-Break Case-Hardened Frame, Blued

If one man alone could typify the gunslinging outlaw, this man would have to be John Wesley Hardin. His career as a skilled gunfighter started in his teens and spanned the entire period between the 1860s and his death in the mid-1890s. This revolver follows the lines of his S&W top-break with which he prevailed in a shootout against Deputy Webb in Comanche, TX in the 1870s. Hardin is blued steel, case-hardened, with a simulated Buffalo-horn grip.

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